Each year at the Children Come First (CCF) Conference, we celebrate the success of people who have enhanced the lives of children and families. We are seeking nominations of those who have performed exceptionally in serving children with social, emotional and behavioral challenges, including children/youth who have accomplished good things for themselves and/or others.


Award recipients will be chosen from the four categories described below. Deadline for 2015 submissions is October. 2nd, 2015. All selections will be reviewed and final selection approved by the CCF Awards Committee. Award recipients will be contacted by the committee to ensure attendance at the award ceremony at the conference. The awards will be presented on November 10 and 11, 2015, at the Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells.


Awards - Submit a Nominee

Award Categories

Ann Hager Adovcacy Award: is award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advocacy for children with behavioral health needs and their families. is award recognizes someone who sees a person’s strengths regardless of the challenges present, ghts for change and doesn’t give up, and sees opportunity in every challenge.


Distinguished Professional Service Award: is award is presented to a professional or professional group that has demonstrated unyielding dedication to the principles of collaborative systems of care in working with children with behavioral health needs and their families. Award selection will be based on the recipient’s performance above and beyond typical job requirements. Individuals and organizations from any eld of endeavor are eligible for the this award. 


Outstanding Family Member Award: is award recognizes a parent,caregiver, or family member who has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to children with mental health needs. is award

recipient will have made signicant contributions to enrich the lives of

children through his/her understanding, persistence, generosity,

collaborative mindset, and sense of justice.


Outstanding Youth Award: is award recognizes a youth for

achievements in self-advocacy or activism. is award is presented to a

youth who has demonstrated characteristics such as leadership,

creativity, tenacity, integrity and courage in the face of adversity.

For your nomination to be considered, please email to the following infomation to Alison@wifamilyties.org and put “nominations” in the subject line.


       AWARD CATEGORY: (Ann Hager, Distinguished Professional Service, Oustanding Family Member, Outstanding Youth)


       AGENCY (if applicable):



       PHONE (home/work/cell):





       QUALIFICATIONS: In one page or less, summarize the qualifications of the nominated individual or group        and submit the summary with your nomination.


If you have any questions please contact Alison at 262-617-6775 or Alison@wifamilyties.org and put "nominations" in the subject line.